Welcome to the gvnett blog. I am about to have my first lesbian science fiction novel published by PD publishing later this year. If I want to have any kind a career as a writer I need people to read my book. If people are going to buy my book they need to know about the book and me. Hence starting a blog.

So if you are a lesbian who happens to love science fiction or a science fiction lover who happens to be a lesbian… I need your help.  I would love your input on my blog and feedback on my free fiction available on my website. http://www.gvnett.com.au

I need you out there in the real world to help me discuss the critically important questions related to lesbian life… Like would Starbuck beat Seven of Nine in a fight. (I watch too much television and spend too much time thinking about female characters. Not in a uniform wearing, conference goer, stalker kind of way…Yet.)

I also need your help with my website. One of the characters in my story ‘Two Daises’ loves asking ‘what if…’ questions. So I want to have a ‘what if…’ page. With a range of responses from my readers. First one to try out.

What if… Your soul was on fire and you could only save one thing about yourself. What would it be?

So help me keep lesbian voices dynamic and broadcast the language of lesbians…Mention my blog to your friends.