Why is it when you’re gainfully employed nobody asks what you do? As soon as you’re “between jobs” it’s the first thing everybody asks. I currently hold many titles: housewife and personal assistant to my partner. Website designer and administrator, self employed small business owner and candle maker. But it is the evolution of my answer since I’ve been working so hard on my writing that is the most revealing of my journey so far.

My answer to the “what do you do” question over the last year.


Reason to come up with something else

I’m following my bliss GFC hit and it sounded practically hedonistic
I’m attempting to be a writer Pathetic
I’ve written a book and now I’m trying to get it published Too truthful then everyone just asked if I was published yet
I’m learning how to accept rejection Back to pathetic
I’m a struggling needy self absorbed artist I’m too old to pull off emo
I write fluffy easily absorbed material Worked by not building up false expectations of a literary masterpiece. But brought in too many doubts about my work
I am writing for a niche market. Lesbian fiction well actually lesbian science fiction or lesbians in space as my partner puts it Tends to halt the conversation
I’m just a writer  Not quite right
Now I try to take out the just and say:

 I am a writer.

Will do for now


Another writer once told me once you’re published you can say you are an author or novelist. My final thought is that I’m spending too much time thinking about this instead of doing the work of writing.