I have recently read Nicola Griffith’s ‘Ammonite’ published 1992. I know it took me awhile. I was excited to read Nicola’s take on a female only world. She writes so differently from me with not much dialogue and lots of description. But it was what she wrote at the back of the book about writing Ammonite that really affected me.

“I am equally tired of women only worlds where all the characters are wise, kind, beautiful, stern, seven feet tall vegetarian amazons who would never dream of killing anyone.” Nicola Griffith.

I have read many of those types of books and thoroughly enjoyed the escapist reading and I have to admit my book was heavily influenced by them. I have tried to make sure ‘Delphinus Contract’ does not depict a utopian women only world. But Nicola’s words have made me pause for thought on whether I have achieved enough of a balance between creating a world I would want to escape to but still make the characters and their struggles real. But for me I don’t care if fictional worlds are utopian or apocalyptic, if they take me on a journey, I’m happy.