Are you looking for:-

Original lesbian fiction that combines your love of words and woman.

Compelling fiction that allows you to escape to a lesbian sanctuary.

Fiction with lesbian narrative and voices.

My Lesbian story is:-

A futuristic love story about meeting your soul mate at the exact moment they need you the most and want you the least. The story follows Captain Talana Xian’s struggle to lead after her world is shattered by betrayal and revenge.

You will find a lesbian world that includes:-


Science fiction






You will find a lesbian world that includes:-

Flawed heroes and wounded warriors

Perfect lesbian fiction for:-

Holiday reading

Plane reading

Mid week pick me up

Weekend chill out

Delphinus Contract is Lesbian fiction that goes best with:-

Red wine and cheese.

But also works with water and salad.

Why every self respecting lesbian should buy:-

Delphinus Contract is about a woman only ship that has a stopover on a women only planet. Isn’t that enough?

Reading the book is also a great way to connect with and/or pickup the cute geek you’ve had your eye on.

Why every lesbian science fiction fan must buy:-

Delphinus contract is essentially lesbians in space.

It’s Star Trek for lesbians.

Buying Delphinus contract helps to spread the message that lesbian sci-fi geeks are not alone.

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