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Those that believe in fate tell us there is no choice, the outcome is inevitable, the obstacles unavoidable, the path and the destination is fixed.

It’s a hard bitter pill to swallow for those whose path includes horrific or devastating events. In my case things rarely, if ever, work out the way I planned. Does that mean the mythical goddess responsible for spinning the strings of fate is actually a callous trickster or wise beyond my capacity to see?

Maybe the mystical goddess should start spinning hemp it could make the road a little more zen. Just a thought.

Does the idea of fate give you comfort or make you want to punch the person who suggests everything happens for a reason?


Who are you?

Choose one of the following to describe yourself

Hammer or nail

Child or old person

Sun or moon

Cube or ball

Present or future

Yes or no

Mountain or valley

Physical or mental

Teacher or student

Question or answer

Black or white

Leaf or wind

City or country

Dictionary or novel

Present or Future

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