I am very excited to be working with Victoria Oldham on “Past Dreams”. Really looking forward to getting book two in the Delphinus trilogy available on kindle ASAP.

 I was recently reading Victoria’s blog “On being femme.” It reminded me of being a baby les fresh from the country.  I was just getting used to using the word lesbian when I was initiated into the politics of being a lipstick les, butch, femme etc etc.

I was informed I was a lipstick lesbian which in those days was code for not a real lesbian. Worse my significant other was also a lipstick lesbian. I still remember a dinner with an older lesbian couple (20 years my senior). They were adamant that my les education include butch/femme protocols.  In a very awkward moment one member of the couple demonstrated how a butch would approach a femme and ask them to dance. I was of course the femme who according to them should:-

A. Not refuse if a butch requested a dance

B. Let the butch take the lead

I didn’t like feeling like a minority within a minority but I was also too young and naïve at the time to fully appreciate the bigger social and political struggles and issues.

I’d never want the gay community to go back to being about divergence via conformity but I now understand I did need educating on what it was like to fight our monoculture from the outside in rather that the inside out.