After my last blog I was thinking about the politics within the gay community. In the early days of coming out and living in inner city Sydney I was constantly informed I was violating les culture by not conforming to the acceptable lesbian model at the time. But much later in life I committed another taboo.

For those around me it was deemed as worse than preferring the word dyke over lesbian, worse than not owning a bonds t-shirt. What sin did I commit you ask. Well l went to an “L Word” party dressed up as Jenny. Keep in mind I didn’t know anyone there except the host and my partner (who went as Beth by the way). The other guests acted as if my character choice deeply offended them. I can’t help it if I happen to like gloriously flawed characters and I was also sure I couldn’t pull off Shane. Plus Jenny was a struggling writer, it seemed like a good fit.

I am now watching Mia Kirshner in the Syfy show “Defiance” where she plays a bisexual prostitute. I have to wonder what the reaction would be if l dressed up as her new character if anyone has a “Defiance” party.