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Past Dreams Dedication

Past Dreams is dedicated to those that have shared my dream of a creative future.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Yoko Ono

Tanya Grant, Gayle Thomas and Linda Jenner deserve special mention for their continued love and support and of course my eternal gratitude goes to Terri and James for starting my creative journey.


Congrats to gay rights campaigners in America on having a self described “gayest year in gay history”. Click here to see the article. Not sure that has been the case here in Australia with the election of a conservative, homophobic government.  But I certainly had a gay time writing “Past Dreams” and my new  BSG/SG1 fanfic – “Infliction.”

This is a continuation of my Kara/Sam fanfic “Destination Earth.”


Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck’s history becomes her present. She’d barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see.

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Infliction is also available on fanfiction net.

Book 2 – Past Dreams

In recent months I’ve discovered a latent OCD trait. Which has unfortunately caused extreme delays to the release of book one on paperback and book two Past Dreams.

I became obsessively compulsively disordered about my book covers. But after many attempts I’m extremely happy and excited to announce that Delphinus Contact is now available from Amazon in paperback and book two in the series Past Dreams in now available in eBook and paperback format from Amazon.



Past dreams

Just a dream… Except there’s no such thing as just a dream anymore… There never was.

Life hasn’t returned to normal for the crew of the Equuleus. As usual Talana is at the centre of the chaos as she tries to deal with interplanetary politics that threaten her livelihood.  Leaving Isy to wonder if life on the Equuleus is worth the risk.

The fragile yet unremitting bond with Mia progresses strictly on Talana’s terms. While Mia feels like a moth constantly being burned by the flame of their unique relationship Talana is determined to keep her distance until a kidnap attempt reveals they’re not the only ones who want to know the secret behind their connection. With her life hanging in the balance Talana and Mia must solve the mystery of their tenuous link before it’s too late.

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With the passing of Nelson Mandela we have lost a global citizen who showed us all how to change the world with grace, wisdom and determination.

To see a tribute to both Nelson Mandela and the ongoing fight for equal rights have a look at this article.


Though the gay Christmas lights were of course controversial the synergy of Nelson Mandela’s message and combating homophobia is beautiful.

“This way the message of love, tolerance, unity and sharing will become stronger.” Laura Rossi.

After my last blog I was thinking about the politics within the gay community. In the early days of coming out and living in inner city Sydney I was constantly informed I was violating les culture by not conforming to the acceptable lesbian model at the time. But much later in life I committed another taboo.

For those around me it was deemed as worse than preferring the word dyke over lesbian, worse than not owning a bonds t-shirt. What sin did I commit you ask. Well l went to an “L Word” party dressed up as Jenny. Keep in mind I didn’t know anyone there except the host and my partner (who went as Beth by the way). The other guests acted as if my character choice deeply offended them. I can’t help it if I happen to like gloriously flawed characters and I was also sure I couldn’t pull off Shane. Plus Jenny was a struggling writer, it seemed like a good fit.

I am now watching Mia Kirshner in the Syfy show “Defiance” where she plays a bisexual prostitute. I have to wonder what the reaction would be if l dressed up as her new character if anyone has a “Defiance” party.

I am very excited to be working with Victoria Oldham on “Past Dreams”. Really looking forward to getting book two in the Delphinus trilogy available on kindle ASAP.

 I was recently reading Victoria’s blog “On being femme.” It reminded me of being a baby les fresh from the country.  I was just getting used to using the word lesbian when I was initiated into the politics of being a lipstick les, butch, femme etc etc.

I was informed I was a lipstick lesbian which in those days was code for not a real lesbian. Worse my significant other was also a lipstick lesbian. I still remember a dinner with an older lesbian couple (20 years my senior). They were adamant that my les education include butch/femme protocols.  In a very awkward moment one member of the couple demonstrated how a butch would approach a femme and ask them to dance. I was of course the femme who according to them should:-

A. Not refuse if a butch requested a dance

B. Let the butch take the lead

I didn’t like feeling like a minority within a minority but I was also too young and naïve at the time to fully appreciate the bigger social and political struggles and issues.

I’d never want the gay community to go back to being about divergence via conformity but I now understand I did need educating on what it was like to fight our monoculture from the outside in rather that the inside out.

I’m having a half empty/half full kind of month.

The Half Empty Part-

I’m working on using createspace to provide Delphinus Contract in print form. The process is very time consuming and frustrating (it’s entirely possible I’m making it far harder than it needs to be.) I thought I’d mastered the whole formatting, converting and cover designs skills. I was so wrong. All this takes me away from the thing I love the most, writing.

A part of me is also struggling because all this was going to be taken care of by my publishing contract with PD publishing. So feeling angry all over again. I also think Amazon lures you in with tutorials on how easy it is to self publish with createspace and then when you run into problems they politely but insistently remind you that you can pay them to do it. I’m either too stubborn, determined or proud to give up now and hand it over to them.

The Half Full Part –

I will soon have a printed copy of Delphinus Contract in my hand. By the end of this I will have more skills under my belt and theoretically it will be easier next time. It’s going to be extra sweet knowing I did it myself. In reality I was getting very frustrated and disillusion by the publishing process and I was relieved to get the power to publish back in my hands. Though it takes me a while to get it right I love doing the cover design. Createspace provides another platform for getting out lesbian voices so through print and eBooks I can facilitate letting others enjoy escaping to a world where lesbians are the dominate culture.

I can’t decide if it’s a full circle moment or a double somersault with a twist moment. Since writing involves a heavy dose of optimism in your coffee every morning that the hours of isolation creating and birthing your stories are going to be well received by the world beyond your muse cave. I’m going to go with the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote and focus on the fact that “the task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.”

If that sounds too corny then there’s my other life motto (thanks to mikee) that usually kicks in when the coffee buzz runs out but it’s too early to self medicate with a glass of wine.


As Amazon and Createspace are my loyal companions on this self publishing journey please note my following disclaimer:-

This material is general in nature. It is made available on the understanding that G.V. Nett is not thereby engaged in rendering professional advice. I am therefore not responsible for any assumption of negativity. Readers should carefully evaluate its accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes, and should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances to which a reader is exposed. Blah Blah Blah.

This disclaimer is made on behalf of a loyal author who understands when she says publishing is back in my power she understands she only owns the words to which she is passionate about and not the distribution channel that allows her words get out to the world.


Born this way

If you’re looking for a new way to argue your case for gay marriage take a look at the latest add. what r u having. I’ve never seen a more innocent and endearing way to promote gay rights.

Still need more ideas? Take a look at funny or die’s look at the funniest pro gay marriage signs.

Delphinus universe

See where it all began for the main characters in Delphinus Contract.

Take a look at the collection of short stories set in the Delphinus universe.

First test: Talana, Jade and Isabelle are training at United Defense when they go on their first mission together. Failure is not an option

Rescuing the Equuleus: Talana has been serving in United Defense for six years when she comes across the Equuleus and meets her unusual crew.

New love: Talana has just taken over as Captain of the Equuleus. She finds out what happens when you have to send someone you love into danger.

Mia – Before the Storm: This story takes place six months before the Equuleus travels to Delphinus. Mia thought she had reached rock bottom – it was just the beginning.

Click here to read more.

Those that believe in fate tell us there is no choice, the outcome is inevitable, the obstacles unavoidable, the path and the destination is fixed.

It’s a hard bitter pill to swallow for those whose path includes horrific or devastating events. In my case things rarely, if ever, work out the way I planned. Does that mean the mythical goddess responsible for spinning the strings of fate is actually a callous trickster or wise beyond my capacity to see?

Maybe the mystical goddess should start spinning hemp it could make the road a little more zen. Just a thought.

Does the idea of fate give you comfort or make you want to punch the person who suggests everything happens for a reason?