Delphinus Contract

By G.V. Nett

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Book 1 Delphinus triology

Talana Xian meets her soul mate at the exact moment she needs her the most and wants her the least. After daring to step outside the shadow of expectation to captain the space faring ship the Equuleus, the captain is determined to prove her all female crew can fight the inequity of her universe. She thinks she has
everything she’s ever wanted until her carefully constructed world is shattered by betrayal. Her only source of strength comes from a Delphinus stranger named Mia. Strikingly beautiful but tormented, this stranger claims they share a unique telepathic link. Talana is haunted by the intangible bond that threatens to expose her well guarded fears and vulnerabilities. As she struggles to pay the price of revenge Talana learns there is nowhere to hide from Mia.

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