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Congrats to gay rights campaigners in America on having a self described “gayest year in gay history”. Click here to see the article. Not sure that has been the case here in Australia with the election of a conservative, homophobic government.  But I certainly had a gay time writing “Past Dreams” and my new  BSG/SG1 fanfic – “Infliction.”

This is a continuation of my Kara/Sam fanfic “Destination Earth.”


Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck’s history becomes her present. She’d barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see.

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Infliction is also available on fanfiction net.


Lesbian Fanfic

Name a television show and somebody will have written a lesbian fanfic. Or name two shows and somebody will have imagined a way to do a lesbian crossover.  Fanfic fills the gap between the fantastic characters created for TV, who are almost all heterosexual and the negligible addition of lesbian storylines.

Fanfic is also a function of shows that concentrate on formula television, no story arc or limited character development. I so appreciate all the writers who put so much time and effort into fanfic. I also think it is wonderful to take characters and TV shows that are cash cows for big companies and make them free entities on the internet for all to enjoy.

But why is it family shows like Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters can have gay relationships yet science fiction hasn’t quite lived up to the expectation created by shows like Xena and Buffy? Which still keeps the fanfic community inspired. I don’t count one kissing scene like Star Trek DS9. Or a gay story line over only a few episodes like Babylon 5.

Will we ever get it all? Strong, take charge, kick ass, characters that are gay and also actually shown in relationships?  Stargate Universe at least has a lesbian character and the few shows with them together have been moving. But the catch is they are in different galaxies. Razor (BSG) was tantalising but not enough.

 Despite the lack of lesbian TV characters in science fiction the world of lesbian fanfic is alive and well and immensely fulfilling. But I have three questions for you.

Do you think there are as many well written fem slash fanfic as hetro fanfic? Do you think most writers stay true to the character while changing their sexuality?

Or do you not care and happily read plot what plot fanfic?

As a writer I find it less time consuming to write fanfic because the environment and back story are already done. But harder because it’s not your own character. Personally I Love angst, long, well written fanfic no matter fem slash or hetro. 

Over lunch my partner and I tried to create a poll for who was your favourite character pairing. But the list got too long and there was a disagreement over Janeway/Seven versus Seven/Belana. So we had to let it go for the sake of the relationship. Feel free to submit a list for polling of favourite science fiction character pairing for lesbian fanfic. Or submit the most unlikely crossover you have come across?

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