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Congrats to gay rights campaigners in America on having a self described “gayest year in gay history”. Click here to see the article. Not sure that has been the case here in Australia with the election of a conservative, homophobic government.  But I certainly had a gay time writing “Past Dreams” and my new  BSG/SG1 fanfic – “Infliction.”

This is a continuation of my Kara/Sam fanfic “Destination Earth.”


Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck’s history becomes her present. She’d barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see.

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Infliction is also available on fanfiction net.


Just got back from Byron Bay Writers Festival. It’s very mainstream but still a great experience and just what I needed to refresh and renew. I learnt a lot and will fill you in once I have processed it all. Now onto the language of lesbians.

When the original Dr Who aired I was too young to critically analyse the fact that I was being fed the stereotypical damsel in distress. I Loved Sarah Jane Smith despite the constant screaming. I really loved Leela, though being a naive country girl I didn’t know why a leather clad warrior woman was so stimulating. It’s all so obvious looking back.

But now as an adult I’ve been so impressed with the strong quirky female characters in the new Doctor Who. There have been some complaints that the unrequited love dynamic has been overplayed. But I commend the writers on bringing us female leads that are brave, funny and sexual. Even Donna Noble, though not what the audience was expecting was another example of an outstanding atypical lead character.

These woman plunge head first into alien worlds and obvious danger and mange to show the Doctor why humanity is worth saving again and again. Despite their lack of adequate extraterrestrial experience or previous scholarly pursuits these woman mange to save the Doctor from his darker side. As well as everyone else from being overcome with the enormity of the end of the world. With the use of a well timed quip or stunningly perceptive observation.

The latest companion Amy Pond (though I am now too old to be appropriately excited by a twenty year old, its great casting for the young lesbians out there.)  In my opinion she embodies the essence of adventure, wit and smarts. She is allowed to show genuine fear and vulnerability mixed with determination and courage.

What do you think… Does the new era of Doctor Who companions counter all the complaints of the previous incarnation? Or is there still too much of the man saving the damsel in distress?