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Congrats to gay rights campaigners in America on having a self described “gayest year in gay history”. Click here to see the article. Not sure that has been the case here in Australia with the election of a conservative, homophobic government.  But I certainly had a gay time writing “Past Dreams” and my new  BSG/SG1 fanfic – “Infliction.”

This is a continuation of my Kara/Sam fanfic “Destination Earth.”


Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck’s history becomes her present. She’d barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see.

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Infliction is also available on fanfiction net.


With the passing of Nelson Mandela we have lost a global citizen who showed us all how to change the world with grace, wisdom and determination.

To see a tribute to both Nelson Mandela and the ongoing fight for equal rights have a look at this article.


Though the gay Christmas lights were of course controversial the synergy of Nelson Mandela’s message and combating homophobia is beautiful.

“This way the message of love, tolerance, unity and sharing will become stronger.” Laura Rossi.

Born this way

If you’re looking for a new way to argue your case for gay marriage take a look at the latest add. what r u having. I’ve never seen a more innocent and endearing way to promote gay rights.

Still need more ideas? Take a look at funny or die’s look at the funniest pro gay marriage signs.

Popular Australian Comedienne Magda Szubanski came out on national television on Valentine’s Day. She said her family and friends had known for a long time that she was gay.  She had chosen to live life openly but not publicly.

I’ll save commenting on the politics of the confession for another blog. Magda’s big reveal was honest, open, emotional, strong and funny. Watching her invoked a tear and a round of applause. Happy Valentine’s Day Magda. A thousand percent behind you.