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Congrats to gay rights campaigners in America on having a self described “gayest year in gay history”. Click here to see the article. Not sure that has been the case here in Australia with the election of a conservative, homophobic government.  But I certainly had a gay time writing “Past Dreams” and my new  BSG/SG1 fanfic – “Infliction.”

This is a continuation of my Kara/Sam fanfic “Destination Earth.”


Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck’s history becomes her present. She’d barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see.

Click here to read full story.

Infliction is also available on fanfiction net.


Delphinus Contract

Are you looking for:-

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A futuristic love story about meeting your soul mate at the exact moment they need you the most and want you the least. The story follows Captain Talana Xian’s struggle to lead after her world is shattered by betrayal and revenge.

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You will find a lesbian world that includes:-

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Delphinus Contract is about a woman only ship that has a stopover on a women only planet. Isn’t that enough?

Reading the book is also a great way to connect with and/or pickup the cute geek you’ve had your eye on.

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Delphinus contract is essentially lesbians in space.

It’s Star Trek for lesbians.

Buying Delphinus contract helps to spread the message that lesbian sci-fi geeks are not alone.

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I have recently read Nicola Griffith’s ‘Ammonite’ published 1992. I know it took me awhile. I was excited to read Nicola’s take on a female only world. She writes so differently from me with not much dialogue and lots of description. But it was what she wrote at the back of the book about writing Ammonite that really affected me.

“I am equally tired of women only worlds where all the characters are wise, kind, beautiful, stern, seven feet tall vegetarian amazons who would never dream of killing anyone.” Nicola Griffith.

I have read many of those types of books and thoroughly enjoyed the escapist reading and I have to admit my book was heavily influenced by them. I have tried to make sure ‘Delphinus Contract’ does not depict a utopian women only world. But Nicola’s words have made me pause for thought on whether I have achieved enough of a balance between creating a world I would want to escape to but still make the characters and their struggles real. But for me I don’t care if fictional worlds are utopian or apocalyptic, if they take me on a journey, I’m happy.

Why is it when you’re gainfully employed nobody asks what you do? As soon as you’re “between jobs” it’s the first thing everybody asks. I currently hold many titles: housewife and personal assistant to my partner. Website designer and administrator, self employed small business owner and candle maker. But it is the evolution of my answer since I’ve been working so hard on my writing that is the most revealing of my journey so far.

My answer to the “what do you do” question over the last year.


Reason to come up with something else

I’m following my bliss GFC hit and it sounded practically hedonistic
I’m attempting to be a writer Pathetic
I’ve written a book and now I’m trying to get it published Too truthful then everyone just asked if I was published yet
I’m learning how to accept rejection Back to pathetic
I’m a struggling needy self absorbed artist I’m too old to pull off emo
I write fluffy easily absorbed material Worked by not building up false expectations of a literary masterpiece. But brought in too many doubts about my work
I am writing for a niche market. Lesbian fiction well actually lesbian science fiction or lesbians in space as my partner puts it Tends to halt the conversation
I’m just a writer  Not quite right
Now I try to take out the just and say:

 I am a writer.

Will do for now


Another writer once told me once you’re published you can say you are an author or novelist. My final thought is that I’m spending too much time thinking about this instead of doing the work of writing.

Guest post by TMG

When GV Nett asked me to write a commentary on my pic of favourite femslash I’ve read this week, I thought mmmm, so many to choose from!  This week I’ve read some original pieces, Rissole and Isles, SVU, ER, Devil Wears Prada, AU stories. Hell I have even read stories about shows I’ve never even seen.  I’m quickly running out of things to read!

Well for me this week nothing in particular has stood out but thinking back on my favourite stories of all time, they all have one thing in common.  Angst….Plain old unadulterated longing for someone you never in your wildest dreams thought would, or could reciprocate that feeling.  

Back in the late 90s when I first came across Xena femslash on the net, I read my first angst story.  So why is angst my favourite genre?  Well I guess I like a good story line that can explore the depth of a character and show their vulnerabilities.  Also, I just love a good old lurve story, and the ultimate of the good old love story brings me to my hidden little secret.  My all time favourites are……well ahhemm, I like lesbian fairy tales.  The kind where princess meets knight (who’s also a princess), who is a girl lovin hero that can cut through a swath of bad guys and save the day.  And in the process, can also save the damsel and ride into the sunset (aka – take her to the royal chambers and shag the living daylights out of her).    So why the fairy tale?  Gawd knows I have asked myself that enough times. 

Fairy tales historically stem from a moral tale, a story to teach us something like don’t go walking in the forest in your favourite red cape and talk to big bad wolves.  Then there is the damsel in distress who’s just so inept that she needs the prince to come in and save the day. My inner feminist screams out not to succumb to the damsel in distress dogma.  So why do I love them so? 

You know the lesbian fairy tale usually doesn’t quite fit that paradigm.  The princess is often, annoyingly stubborn, quite verbose, and can ride her own horse off into the sunset.  While our knight on the other hand, can be impatient, intolerant, romantically inept, but sexually she’s more than an adept in the keeping the ladies pleased.  She’s usually got a gay male side kick or a straight lad from childhood who is in awe of her prowess with the “sword” and would lay down his life for the non sexual love of his life until somewhere in the story where our princess and Sappho-knight come together as one when he becomes but a forgotten part of the story line. 

So there you have it.  I love the lesfairy tale, maybe it’s the escapism, the return to a day where life was simpler, where one had to fight for the things they believed in, where a girl met another girl and against all odds, they fought, the hero gets patched up by the princess, they miraculously have children (there’s usually some mage in the mix there) and they live happily ever after.  Sounds just like a typical modern day lesbian u-haul to me….so the fairy tale is but an ageless way of telling our stories and I love it.


I apologise for the long delay between posts. Between the Christmas and New Year chaos and preparing packages for those affected by the extreme flooding in my home state of Queensland it’s taken a while to get back to normal. Though it was timely given my last post was about when we would live in a world without discrimination. For a brief period of time post crisis, strangers and neighbours worked side by side. Race, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, nothing mattered. It was beautiful and inspiring but all too short lived.

So onto my favourite subject. Is it just because I love sci fi or are the female characters so much better.  Are they more interesting and appealing because they are unencumbered by society’s version of a woman or am I just really an 18 to 24 year old boy being fed what the demographic wants?  Scary thought given I’m not male or anywhere near 24.

Lesbian Fanfic

Name a television show and somebody will have written a lesbian fanfic. Or name two shows and somebody will have imagined a way to do a lesbian crossover.  Fanfic fills the gap between the fantastic characters created for TV, who are almost all heterosexual and the negligible addition of lesbian storylines.

Fanfic is also a function of shows that concentrate on formula television, no story arc or limited character development. I so appreciate all the writers who put so much time and effort into fanfic. I also think it is wonderful to take characters and TV shows that are cash cows for big companies and make them free entities on the internet for all to enjoy.

But why is it family shows like Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters can have gay relationships yet science fiction hasn’t quite lived up to the expectation created by shows like Xena and Buffy? Which still keeps the fanfic community inspired. I don’t count one kissing scene like Star Trek DS9. Or a gay story line over only a few episodes like Babylon 5.

Will we ever get it all? Strong, take charge, kick ass, characters that are gay and also actually shown in relationships?  Stargate Universe at least has a lesbian character and the few shows with them together have been moving. But the catch is they are in different galaxies. Razor (BSG) was tantalising but not enough.

 Despite the lack of lesbian TV characters in science fiction the world of lesbian fanfic is alive and well and immensely fulfilling. But I have three questions for you.

Do you think there are as many well written fem slash fanfic as hetro fanfic? Do you think most writers stay true to the character while changing their sexuality?

Or do you not care and happily read plot what plot fanfic?

As a writer I find it less time consuming to write fanfic because the environment and back story are already done. But harder because it’s not your own character. Personally I Love angst, long, well written fanfic no matter fem slash or hetro. 

Over lunch my partner and I tried to create a poll for who was your favourite character pairing. But the list got too long and there was a disagreement over Janeway/Seven versus Seven/Belana. So we had to let it go for the sake of the relationship. Feel free to submit a list for polling of favourite science fiction character pairing for lesbian fanfic. Or submit the most unlikely crossover you have come across?

Looking for BSG and Stargate Fanfic check out My fanfic

Welcome to the gvnett blog. I am about to have my first lesbian science fiction novel published by PD publishing later this year. If I want to have any kind a career as a writer I need people to read my book. If people are going to buy my book they need to know about the book and me. Hence starting a blog.

So if you are a lesbian who happens to love science fiction or a science fiction lover who happens to be a lesbian… I need your help.  I would love your input on my blog and feedback on my free fiction available on my website. http://www.gvnett.com.au

I need you out there in the real world to help me discuss the critically important questions related to lesbian life… Like would Starbuck beat Seven of Nine in a fight. (I watch too much television and spend too much time thinking about female characters. Not in a uniform wearing, conference goer, stalker kind of way…Yet.)

I also need your help with my website. One of the characters in my story ‘Two Daises’ loves asking ‘what if…’ questions. So I want to have a ‘what if…’ page. With a range of responses from my readers. First one to try out.

What if… Your soul was on fire and you could only save one thing about yourself. What would it be?

So help me keep lesbian voices dynamic and broadcast the language of lesbians…Mention my blog to your friends.